Karen Phytoplankton Dermo Cosmetic Moisturizing Lotion 100ml

Karen Phytoplankton Dermo Cosmetic Moisturizing Lotion 100ml

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Karen Moisturizing Lotion is clinically proven to eliminate the toughest skin conditions. its unique formula is an excellent antioxidant and hydrating agent increasing skin elasticity and enhancing skin regeneration. It's also recommended for: the hydration of legs, cracked heels, arms, elbows and hands.

The renowned nutritional power that Karen Phytoplankton is known for can also nourish your skin. Just imagine these microscopic highly-nutritious plants finding their way into your skin cells. World-Class hydration and moisturizing is what Karen Dermo Cosmetic knows best. Whether you want Karen to tackle your stubborn skin issues or elevate your skin to its full potential, give the tiny but mighty Karen Marine Phytoplankton plants a try today!

Karen Moisturizing Lotion was created using a unique formula with natural extract of not one but five strains of marine phytoplankton, designed for the most sensitive and intolerant skin.

  • Clinically proven
  • Dermatologically-tested
  • Paraben-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Oil-free
  • Animal cruelty-free