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allkiDz Multi Gummy Bears (110 Gummies)


Scientifically formulated to support the daily nutritional needs of children • Unique blend of essential vitamins and minerals supporting kids’ optimal growth and development• Helps in the development and maintenance of vision, bone and teeth, and proper metabolism• “Sunshine” Vitamin D3 added• Great fruity tastes – assorted orange, strawberry, and...
allkiDz Zinc Gummies (90 Gummies)


Simply Good ZINC! • Fruity ZINC gummies, specifically designed for kids for optimal immunity• Features higher Zinc potency – 10mg of Zinc per gummy in the superior Zinc Citrate form• Plant-based formula with no animal gelatin. Vegetarian/Vegan-friendly!• An easier immune-boosting solution for kids and the entire family• Delicious juicy gummies...
allKiDz Vitamin D3 400IU (baby 0-3yrs D Drops) 25ml


Enjoying the Sunshine Vitamin D has never been this easy!  • Health Canada & the Canadian Paediatric Society recommend a daily supplementation of vitamin D starting from birth onwards for proper development of cells, bones and immunity, and absorption of Calcium• The D3 form has superior absorbability and efficacy• 400IU...
allkiDz Anti-Cold Liquid Plus (100ml)


Organic elderberry extract ElderCraft® that helps relieve cold/flu symptoms • Upgraded formula with premium Organic elderberry extract ElderCraft®: standardized, Austria-grown Haschberg black elderberry loaded with large amounts of immune-boosting anti-viral natural flavonoids (anthocyanin), minerals (Zinc) and vitamins (especially Vitamin C)• Higher potency, better protection: each 5mL contains elderberry extract equivalent to...
allKiDz Multi Gummy Bears Vegetarian (90 Gummies)


• Classic gummy formula in Plant-based / Vegetarian format, free of gelatin!• Zero added sugar, with 95% less sugar than other conventional gummies• Smartly sweetened with soluble plant-based fibres, providing a healthy amount of dietary fibre (0.9g/gummy)• Loaded with 13 essential vitamins and minerals for kids• Delicious juicy gummy bears...
allKiDz Probiotic Gummies (80 Gummies)


A goal to provide children with the nutrition that they need through familiar, pure and natural ingredients. You won’t find any hidden chemicals or added artificial substances, just pure nutritional goodness. Formulated with Bacillus coagulans, a potent probiotic with protective layers that increase its viability• 500 million live, active cells to support kids’...
Allkidz Naturals DHA Fish Smart - Orange Flavor (90 ml)


A superior fish oil that naturally supports kids’ brain & vision development • Provides the optimal level of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid, an essential Omega-3 fatty acid) for brain & vision development • Higher DHA content than EPA – specifically formulated for children• Superior fish oil in natural TG (Triglyceride) form features...

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