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Genuine Health Fermented Organic Gut Superfoods+


A collection of 22 fully-fermented plant-based superfoods and prebiotics that nourish a healthy gut ecology for total body health. It’s food for your gut! Made from 21 organic plant-based superfoods that are rich in phytonutrients called polyphenols, which not only feed our gut microbes, but have synergistic benefits with them,...
Genuine Health Vegan Greens+ O (Organic)

from $41.89

Introducing greens+ O – formulated especially for those who are both passionate and sensitive about the foods they eat. Genuine Health has kept the foundation of the award winning, research proven greens+ formula, but has removed the allergens, and replaced them with innovative ingredients, such as organic spirulina, broccoli sprouts,...
Genuine Health Greens+ Extra Energy

from $25.89

With greens+ extra energy, you get all-natural energizing ingredients including taurine and naturally occurring caffeine from the kola nut, PLUS a full serving of nutrient-rich greens+ in every scoop! Just one scoop daily provides immediate and long-lasting energy, while feeding your body the healthiest, research-proven nutrients. Benefits of taking greens+...
Genuine Health Greens+ Fermented Whole Body Nutrition


Introducing NEW greens+ whole body NUTRITION - a new, revolutionary way to nourish and balance your entire body with the power of advanced food fermentation, redefining what it means to be a nourishing superfood. SIZES: Original (non-flavoured) - 487g 
Trophic Greens Concentrate with Antioxidants (120 Veg Caps)


Trophic's Greens Concentrate is a special, potent combination of ‘superfoods’ that will help prevent harmful damage from free radicals and protect DNA and cells, while promoting the immune system to function optimally. This Greens Concentrate was formulated to help relieve symptoms of fatigue, exhaustion and irritability by helping to boost energy...
Paleoethics Organic Greens Naturally Unflavoured (173g)


Paleoethics Grass Free Organic Greens Great source of phyto and micronutrients. Assists in natural detoxification. Aids in fat mobilization. Helps regulate sugar in the body. Essential for correcting nutrient deficiencies. Provides energy and immune boosting properties. Super Nutrients Packed full of ingredients derived from herbs, fruits, and greens – and...
Orange Naturals ND Shake Women 500g


ND Shake WOMEN is the first nutrient-dense shake customized for a woman’s unique physiological needs. It combines a professionally formulated women’s multivitamin with a blend of 18g plant protein, greens, super fruits and fibre, plus nutrients specific to women’s health such as cinnamon for blood sugar balance, calcium for bone...
Orange Naturals ND Shake Men, Vanilla 500g


ND Shake MEN is the first nutrient-dense shake customized for a man’s unique physiological needs. It combines a professionally formulated men’s multivitamin with a blend of 18g plant protein, greens, super-fruits and fibre. It also includes nutrients specific to men’s health such as cinnamon to keep blood sugar levels in...
Orange Naturals ND Shake Kids, Vanilla 400g


ND Shake KIDS is custom-made to support a child’s developing needs. It combines just the right amount of plant protein, greens and superfruits for kids, with a taste that will make them happy to drink their veggies! With a daily dose of ND Shake, kids get a built-in multivitamin that...

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