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Nutripur Digest-T (20 Tea Bags)


Digest-T herbal  tea is a unique and savoury blend of 15 herbs expressly chosen for their therapeutic benefits. Great tasting digestive herbal tea - this delicious blend will win you over with its rich aroma and calming benefits. - Facilitates and improves sluggish digestion.- Reduces flatulence and bloating.- Gently cleanses the body.- Great tasting. Digest-T...
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Organic Traditions Holy Basil Tulsi Tea 200g


Holy basil, also commonly known as Tulsi or “The Incomparable One” has been revered in India for centuries. It is considered to be one of the most sacred plants in the Ayurvedic Tradition. Tulsi leaves were traditionally used for religious, ceremonial and medicinal purposes. This adaptogenic herb is one of...
Organic Traditions Premium Matcha Tea 100g


Organic Traditions Premium Matcha Tea offers the most concentrated green tea in the world. It provides a rich, full bodied green tea taste to make delicious teas, exotic beverages, and desserts. Cooking grade matcha powder. Made from organic, Japanese, young Tencha leaves. One serving of matcha is equivalent to 10...
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Algonquin Organic Lucid Dream Tea (16 Bags)


Hand-picked by canoe in the Algonquin wilderness, sweet gale is a light, flavourful herbal tea which is known to enable some to have more vivid dreams. Magical to be sure. General brewing instructions:  Heat water to 185F/85C. Steep for 3 to 4 minutes. May be rebrewed for 2 to 3...
Algonquin Organic Awakening Tea (16 Bags)


This abundance of nutritious and energizing herbs are the perfect way to start your day or come alive in the sleepy afternoon with a delicious minty cup. Inspired by the plants that grow in Canada's Algonquin Park. Awakening Tea blends a powerful host of leafy, aromatic herbs, with long traditions...
My Matcha Life Barista’s Matcha Tea - Tin, 80g


Nurtured by the world’s top Tea Masters and traditionally stone-ground to a rich 100% pure matcha tea powder, Barista’s Matcha Tea is grown in the finest tea fields of Japan. My Matcha Life Barista’s Matcha gets rave reviews for taste and affordability, but also for the terrific new energy and stamina...
DoMatcha Summer Harvest Organic

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DōMatcha’s Summer Harvest Organic is harvested in the summer instead of spring, making this Matcha very high in Catechins, rendering an earthier, slightly more astringent flavor. This makes our summer Harvest Organic Matcha ideal for blended beverages, such as delicious Matcha lattes or refreshing Matcha smoothies. DōMatcha Summer Harvest Organic...
Algonquin Organic Sacred Blend Tea 16 Bags


Know Sacred Space and Vision Communion Clarity. These herbs bless us with a healing sense of communion, tranquility and focus. Sacred Blend is ideal for meditation, or sacred group activities. Ingredients: White pine, sweetgrass, sage. General brewing instructions: Heat water to 175C to 185F / 80C to 85C. Steep for at least...
My Matcha Life Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea, 30g


My Matcha Life Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea is the premier choice.  This tea offers a luxuriously richer, more complex flavor compared to other organic ceremonial matcha teas and is 100% USDA Certified Organic Japanese Matcha. Nurtured by the world’s top Tea Masters and traditionally stone-ground to a rich...
Algonquin Organic Sweetfern Tonic Tea (16 Bags)


Love’s Immunity! On high sunny ridges of the Canadian shield, where birds of prey glide the thermals and thunderclouds are born, sweetfern fills the air with its warm spicy aroma. Traditionally used in herbal medicine for relief of rheumatic conditions, for skin conditions and as a tonic. Ingredients: Sweetfern, Nettle, Red...
Algonquin Organic Peace Tea (16 Bags)


Peace Tea Security Tranquility Sleep: Peace Tea is a blend that enables us to feel the tranquility and calmness of the earth and ourselves. This rich, musky bitter-sweet tasting tea grounds our being in the sweet beautiful flowing meadow culture of herbs, giving us the peace and security of a warm...
Organic Traditions Hibiscus Tea 200g


Hibiscus Tea has been traditionally consumed by many cultures around the world as both a hot and cold beverage. It has been prized for its refreshingly tart and floral cranberry-like Flavour. Different traditions use Hibiscus as a base to make unique infusions by combining hibiscus tea with ginger, lemon, clove,...
Organic Traditions Matcha Latte with Probiotics, 150g


We hope to inspire you to fuel yourself with the help of our superfoods. Our vision is to aid you on your journey to optimal wellness, vitality and longevity to live the healthiest most vibrant life possible. To support the challenges that come with living in a fast-paced world, we...
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DoMatcha Whisk Stand


This beautifully crafted, earthenware whisk stand will help extend the life of your chasen whisk.The perfect place to store or display the whisk between uses.Traditional, unique design helps dry and maintain the umbrella shape of your whisk, protecting its delicate fronds from damage.
DoMatcha Summer Harvest, 80g


DōMatcha's Summer Harvest Organic is harvested in the summer instead of spring, making this Matcha very high in Catechins, rendering an earthier, slightly more astringent flavor. This makes our summer Harvest Organic Matcha ideal for blended beverages, such as delicious Matcha lattes or refreshing Matcha smoothies. Harvested in summer instead...
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DoMatcha Grade D Regular, 1kg


A slightly lower grade of matcha compared to our DōMatcha® Premium. The taste is slightly bitter, but still one of the best tasting ingredient grade matchas on the market. Recommended application: Best used for sweets, lattes, frappes, smoothies, muffins, baked goods. (Available in 1kg bag)
Nia Pure Nature Organic Soursop Leaf Powder 100g


Nia Pure Organic Soursop Leaf Powder is rich in antioxidants and many important nutrients. A tea made from this leaf powder can have a soothing, calming action, but also other health benefits. Soursop, also known as Graviola or Guanabana, is a tropical tree that has been valued for its delicious...
Schinoussa Matcha Latte 300g


Schinoussa Super Food is just that, food with super health benefits as nature intended. Each ingredient is carefully thought out, sourced and put in this formula with your specific health goals in mind. Enjoy this natural food product with a healthy smile! Packaged in a facility that safely handles seeds,...
New Roots Herbal Pau d’Arco Taheebo Wildcrafted Tea (454g Powder)


Pau d’arco has been found to have antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, and antifungal properties, including anti-Candida, and antitumour properties. Bulk powdered form. Pau d’arco is an herb known by many names. The reason for this is simple: it was a deeply prized herb known by many of the indigenous tribes of...
NOW Organic Senna Tea 24x48g Bags


Our premium NOW caring tea is crafted for wellness with the highest quality ingredients from around the world. Every box matters.  Supports Bowel Health and Gastrointestinal Relief A Traditional Herbal Digestive Stimulant Feel good. Do good. And good for you! Sometimes you just gotta go. And Organic Senna herbal tea...
DoMatcha Chashaku - Bamboo Scoop in Singles or Bundle of 10

$31.90 from $3.19

In order to prepare a perfect traditional matcha, you need the right tools. DōMatcha®’s line of authentic Japanese accessories will help teach you how to prepare matcha with the proper ceremonial matcha tea set. At DōMatcha® we have great respect and affection for the beautiful, long-standing Japanese tea ceremony tradition, which...
New Roots Herbal Matcha Powder

from $23.49

New Roots Herbal’s Matcha Green Tea is shade-grown and hand-harvested. Unlike traditional green tea, its luminous green colour as well as its creamy taste and texture are the result of a subtle steaming of the entire leaf prior to being stone-ground. New Roots Herbal’s Matcha Green Tea has an exquisite,...

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