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Wellness CORE Tiny Trainers Tender Turkey & Pomegranate Dog Treats 6oz


Wellness Core Tiny Trainers Turkey and Pomegranate Tender Dog Treats (formerly Petite Treats) are irresistibly soft and chewy bites that helps make training fun and delicious. These treats also contain Omega Fatty Acids that help support healthy skin and a shiny coat, so your dog will always look his best,...
Stella & Chewy’s Grass-Fed Beef Wild Weenies Dog Treats (3.25oz/92g)

from $13.89

Butcher-shop quality treats that will make your dogs go wild! All natural, 100% freeze-dried raw. Grain-free; no fillers. 97% muscle meat and organ meat. Unique shape and texture. Made in Stella & Chewy's® own USA kitchen. Perfect for training and treating. Product Benefits Raw, grass-fed beef97% beef and organs  Ingredients...

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