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Ecotools Foot Brush and Pumice (1 Unit)


In the shower or bath, your feet could use a little love too. The EcoTools Foot Brush and Pumice are designed with cruelty-free bristles and a pumice stone to cleanse and deeply exfoliate dry feet. The foot brush and pumice can be hung to dry with the attached ribbon. Everyone...
Ecotools Exfoliating EcoPouf (1 Unit)


The EcoTools Exfoliating EcoPouf is designed with exfoliating textured recycled netting to remove dead skin cells for a deep, all-over clean. Made with fine netting for a thorough exfoliation as it removes dead skin, and leaves freshly even skin. Leaving skin supple and soft the Exfoliating EcoPouf is a bath...
Ecotools Loofah Bath Brush (1 unit)


In the shower or bath, your back could use a little love too. The EcoTools Bamboo Loofah Bath Brush for Body is the perfect addition to your shower routine. Wet loofah until fully expanded and add your favorite body wash. Next, massage the loofah onto your skin to exfoliate. The...
Urban Spa The Brilliant Bath Mitt


SMOOTHS AND CLEANSES. Our Brilliant Bath Mitt helps you do double duty during your everyday shower routine. This naturally made bath mitt is made of textured Terylene fabric that will gently exfoliate your skin while you wash.  Gentle enough for daily use & Safe for all skin types Deep cleans skin pores...
Ecotools Loofah Body Sponge , 1 Unit


Loofah is plant-based and will expand when wet. Due to the natural harvesting process of the loofah plant, your sponge may contain seeds. To exfoliate, wet the loofah until fully expanded, add body wash, lather, and massage skin. Maintaining our fitness makes us even more confident and happy and leads...
Gentle Bliss Total Body Cleanse Kit (Holiday Gift Set)

$42.79 $39.79

Indulge in the Ultimate Cleanse with Our Gentle Bliss Total Body Cleanse Kit Elevate your daily cleansing ritual with our carefully curated Gentle Bliss Total Body Cleanse Kit. Designed for those who cherish a luxurious yet gentle cleansing experience, this kit brings together three exceptional products, each dedicated to pampering...
Urban Spa The Travel Kit


Beauty in a bag. Never stop pampering yourself; never neglect the details and never go anywhere without your necessities— the perfumes, lotions, creams and serums that tell the world you love being you. Simply decant your I-can’t-do-without products into our clear plastic containers, zip the soft pouch shut and overnight...

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