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Boiron Dapis¬ģ Gel Insect Bites (40g)


Dapis Gel alleviates pain, relieves itching and hives, and promotes the healing of insect bites in both adults and children. Dapis Gel is available in a 40 g tube. How to use: Adults and children:  Apply on affected area, as soon as possible and as often as needed. Gently massage...
Orange Naturals Bites & Stings for Kids Homeopathic 100ml


Bzzzzz……ouch! Get quick relief from the pain and itching of pesky insects and get back to enjoying the out-of-doors with Orange Naturals Bites + Stings for kids. Benefits Relieves skin irritations and discomfort due to insect bites and stings Soothes itching, swelling and redness Features All natural first aid treatment  No...
Larus Pharma Family Buzz Patch (24 patches/box)


Along with outdoor summer family fun, comes the onslaught of millions of mosquitoes and other flying insects. Fend off mosquitoes and other flying insects with adhesive patches that attach to clothing, baby strollers, outdoor furniture, tables, hats, bags, etc. It works within 10 minutes and lasts up to 8 hours! No toxic chemicals No...
Citrobug Natural Insect Repellent Spray

from $9.50

This effective, natural mosquito repellent spray is made with essential oils (lemon, camphor, geranium, eucalyptus and pine) and is DEET-FREE, non-toxic for the environment, hypo-allergenic and safe for the whole family! This is the most effective product available on the Canadian market to date, Citrobug has been shown to be as effective...
Druide Citronella Insect-Repellent Lotion (Spray)

from $8.75

Efficient, safe and certified organic (Ecocert) personal insect repellent.DRUIDE’s Citronella products are used and enjoyed by nature lovers, entomologists (insect specialists), dermatologists and doctors.100% natural ingredients: Free from DEET and other dangerous chemicals. This product has been approved by Health Canada since 1943 in order to avoid insect bites and...
Earthwise Witch Hazel Distillate 250ml


Now in new larger 250ml size bottle! Over 99.8% pure and alcohol free, Earthwise Witch Hazel Distillate is a natural astringent that will Tone, Soothe and Treat your sensitive skin! This is one of the most Pure & Natural Witch Hazels available today. Earthwise Witch Hazel Distillate is extracted by...
Aroma Crystal Outdoor Eazzz Spray 250ml


Soothes your skin! Calm Mother Nature's skin irritants and soothe swimmer's itch and sunburns with this all natural, antibacterial spray that is great for outdoors. Soothe your skin with this clean and safe aromatic spray. Active ingredients include eucalyptus, peppermint and neem extract. Apply before and after exposure to outdoor...
Alpha Tamanu Nut Oil 30ml


Alpha Tamanu Nut Oil is a rare 100% natural organic oil imported directly from the native processors in small tropical villages. Tamanu oil Contains unique fatty acids called calophyllic acid. Its lush scent and rapid penetration leaves your skin radiant, glowing, soft and oil-free. Revered as “the Green Gold of beauty...
Derma E Tea Tree and Vitamin E


This "medicine kit in a bottle" blends a powerful combination of Tea Tree with Vitamin E and other synergistic herbs, vitamins and natural oils to effectively help an array of skin conditions, including cuts, scrapes, blemishes, fungal issues, ringworm, blisters, rashes, insect bites, poison ivy, skin overexposed to the sun, dryness, dermatitis...

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