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Natural Tradiitons Camu C (Camu Camu Berries) 90 VegCaps


Camu Camu Berry is a traditional superfruit prized by the indigenous people of the Amazon. These berries are natureā€™s richest source of whole food Vitamin C in addition to other antioxidants such as anthocyanins, flavonols and ellagic acid. The concentration of antioxidants gives Camu Camu an incredibly high ORAC value...
Organic Traditions Camu Camu Berry Powder 100g


Camu Camu Berry is a traditional superfruit prized by the indigenous people of the Amazon. These berries are natureā€™s richest source of whole food Vitamin C in addition to other antioxidants such as anthocyanins, flavonols and ellagic acid. The concentration of antioxidants gives Camu Camu an incredibly high ORAC value...
Organic Traditions Amla Berry Powder 200g


Amla berry, or Amalaki, commonly known as ā€œIndian Gooseberryā€, is a small, greenish fruit with a tart, sour taste. It is a source of whole food Vitamin C and Fiber. One teaspoon of powder provides 42 mg of whole food Vitamin C. Cultivated in India for thousands of years, the...
Organic Traditions Goji Berries 454g


Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, are one of the most prized superfruits in the Asian tradition. In traditional Asian Herbal medicine, Goji berries have been used to promote vitality and well being. Chinaā€™s legendary first emperor attributed his long life to this precious berry. For this reason it is...
Organic Traditions Antioxidant Berry Blast 100g


Organic Traditions Antioxidant Berry Blast is a delicious blend of Blueberries, Acai berries, Maqui berries and Camu Camu berries. This blend is a refreshing and nourishing powerhouse of natureā€™s most antioxidant rich superfruits. Blueberries, Maqui berries and Camu camu berries all provide whole food Vitamin C while Acai berries are...
Organic Traditions Freeze Dried Acai Powder 100g


Organic Traditions Freeze Dried Acai Berry Powder offers a high orac, low glycemic, sugar-free superfruit and offers a source of fiber.Ā  Organic Traditions Freeze Dried Acai Berry can be used for smoothies, energy drinks, desserts, and more! Ā Benefits: Natural Organic Gluten Free Raw Ingredients: Acai Berry Powder Acai (ah-sigh-ee), the...
Organic Traditions Blueberry Powder 100g


Blueberries have long been revered as an antioxidant rich superfruit. They are a source of Vitamin C and Manganese. Antioxidant flavonoids known as anthocyanins give blueberries their striking indigo-purple rich pigment. Organic Traditions Blueberry powder is a concentrated blueberry powder with one tablespoon serving equal to Ā½ cup of fresh...
Organic Traditions Maqui Berry Powder 100g


Maqui berries have long been revered by the Mapuche, the indigenous people of Central and Southern Chile. The Mapuche attributed their strength, health and longevity to this small purple-black berry. Maqui was traditionally used in the daily diet, in medicinal preparations and in the rejuvenating fermented tonic known as Chicha....
Organic Traditions White Mulberries 227g


White Mulberries have been a prized superfruit since ancient times in Asian, European and Middle Eastern traditions. Revered in Asian Medicine as a cooling and nourishing Yin tonic, strengthening both Liver and Kidney meridians, White Mulberries are considered to be a gentle tonifying food. They have also been used in...
Organic Traditions Black Mulberries 227g


Mulberries have been a prized superfruit since ancient times. While there are many types of mulberries, black-purple mulberries are particularly large, juicy and delicious, producing the most balanced sweet to tart Flavour profile compared to the sweeter white or red varieties. Due to their intense black-purple color, black-purple mulberries contain...
Organic Traditions Golden (Inca) Berries 454g


Golden berries, commonly known as Incan berries or Cape Gooseberries, have been a prized fruit since the Inca civilization. They are a source of Fiber, Vitamin C, Iron and Potassium. Organic Traditions golden berries are vine-ripened to ensure the highest concentration of both nutritional vibrancy and Flavour. When harvested they...
Organic Traditions Apple Peel Powder 100g


Apples have been a revered superfruit since ancient times. As with many fruits, the phytonutrients are concentrated in the external brightly colored skin of the fruit. Organic Traditions Apple Peel Powder is a concentrated powder made from Certified Organic dried apple peels. The peels have been shown to contain up...
Organic Traditions Dried Apricots 227g


Organic Traditions Dried Apricots offer an excellent source of fiber that can be used in trail mixes, snacks, smoothies, desserts, and more!Ā  Organic Traditions Dried Apricots are sustainably grown and harvested, unsulfered, and naturally dried.Benefits: Organic Natural Ingredients: Apricots, Dried
Organic Traditions Dried Cherries 100g


Cherries have been a prized superfruit for centuries. Not only were they used in Herbal and Folk medicine as a traditional remedy, but were incorporated into culinary dishes such as stews, jams and tonics. Cherries are a source of Vitamin C, Fiber and contain a host of antioxidant anthocyanins. Organic...
Natural Traditions Lucuma Powder 200g


Lucuma is an exotic South American superfruit with a delicious taste across between maple syrup and citrus. It is a source of Fiber and Potassium as well as a host of other nutrients such as Iron, Zinc, Calcium and Antioxidants. It has been prized for centuries by the indigenous people...
Ecoideas Organic Golden Inca Berries

from $10.98

Golden Berries make a delicious superfood snack. They have a sweet and tangy flavour and a soft texture. They are also an ideal addition to homemade granola bars, salads and baked goods. Our Golden Berries are raw and certified organic, and are an Authentic Andean Superfood. In addition to being...
Ecoideas Authentic Tibetan Goji Berries

from $13.98

Ecoideas Goji Berries are sustainably grown in Tibetan Plateau, which yields a superior variety of goji berry with a softer texture. Goji berries are a potent antioxidant and contain 19 amino acids, 27 trace minerals, vitamin E, B1, B2, B6, and C. Our goji berries are certified to be free...
Ecoideas Organic Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder

from $11.98

Ecoideas Organic Baobab Powder is made from the dried pulp of the Baobab fruit. Mix this RAW powder into a smoothie, juice, or food to benefit from a myriad of amazing health properties: Potent Antioxidant (19,100 ORAC units of Antioxidants) High in Dietary Fibre An excellent source of Prebiotics Rich...
Flora Baobites Super Fruit Snacks 175g


Baobitesā„¢ Super Fruit Snacks provide a delicious way to enjoy the nutritious benefits of baobab. Baobab is a wild-harvested super fruit from the baobab Tree, naturally bursting with fibre, electrolytes and antioxidants with six times the vitamin C of oranges! These flavour packed fruit bites are made with 100% pure,...
Flora Dr. Dunner Sambu Guard 175ml


The First Line of Defence Against Seasonal Ailments -Ā SambuĀ®Guard from Dr. DĆ¼nner is a delicious liquid formula, made withĀ Ā  elderberries, elder blossoms, echinacea and vitamin C. Itā€™s designed to help the body fight off infections,especially of the upper respiratory tract. SambuĀ®Guard is most effective when taken at the first sign...
HealthForce Acerola Cherry Powder - Pure Vitamin C (171g/6oz)


The vitamin C inĀ Health ForceĀ Acerola Cherry Powder comes from whole-food acerola cherry extract. Acerola is a tart cherry native to South America, southern Mexico, and Central America, but is now also being grown as far north as Texas and in other subtropical areas such as India. Acerola cherries are known...
Rootalive Amla Fruit Powder 200g/7oz

from $10.98

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is the fruit of a small deciduous tree native to India. In Hinduism, the amla tree is considered sacred to Goddess Lakshmi. A much-beloved staple of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, amla is considered a cooling pitta herb.Features: Gluten free Organic Suggested use (Adult): Mix 1...
Suro Elderflower Tincture 59ml


Organic Canadian Fresh Elder flower tincture in organic grain alcohol or cider vinegar. Traditionally used to help relieve symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections such as colds, coughs and nasal congestion. Also useful for fevers as a diaphoretic. Allergy Prevention: Elderflowers are filled with pollen, so a small dose of...
Suro Organic Elderberry Tincture 59ml


Organic elderberry extract (tincture) made with Canadian elderberries in organic grain alcohol. Traditionally used to help prevent and fight colds and the flu. Donā€™t get sick this winter, use this tincture to keep colds and flu away. This is the best natural antiviral product. Antiviral properties found in elderberries make...

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