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Genuine Health Adv Gut Health Daily Immune + Vitamin D & Zinc Probiotic 50 billion CFU (30 Veg Caps)


No more sick days! Become an immune powerhouse with advanced gut health Immune + Vitamin D and Zinc 50 Billion CFU probiotic and get extra-strength protection from common colds, flus and viruses all year round! Our formula has been designed to promote a more active immune response through stronger gut...
Genuine Health Adv Gut Health Probiotic 50 billion CFU

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Our NEW advanced gut health probiotic contains 15 strains that mimic human gut flora in an allergen- and plastic-free delayed-release capsule to deliver our probiotics straight to your gut! 50 billion colony forming units (CFUs) for short term use during certain times when more intensive therapy is required, such as...
Genuine Health Advanced Gut Health Probiotic Kids (30 Chewables)


Build your child’s healthy gut flora with advanced gut health probiotic kids! A healthy gut is essential to your child’s overall health. Researchers have found a link between reduced diversity of gut bacteria and the development of allergies and asthma—children who took antibiotics in the first 6 months of life...
Genuine Health Bovine Clean Collagen

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10 grams of pure hydrolyzed bovine collagen from grass-fed, pasture-raised, USDA cattle per serving! We are all made from collagen. It’s the most abundant protein in our bodies. But beginning in our 20s, our bodies naturally produce less of it. Collagen loss is usually seen on the skin, where lines...
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Genuine Health Deep Sleep (60 Caps)


Deep Sleep is a combination formula that doesn’t just help you fall asleep quickly, it also helps you STAY ASLEEP throughout the night and promotes BETTER QUALITY sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and rested. : Promote relaxation before bed Fall asleep quickly Stay asleep longer Wake up less...
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Genuine Health fast arthritis relief+

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Get fast and effective relief from arthritis, in just 5 days! Reduces pain, inflammation and nourishes and repairs damaged joint through BiovaFlex® eggshell membrane and whole-food ingredients. AVAILABLE IN 1 month (60 capsules), 2 month (120 capsules), and 4 month (240 capsules) supply. Buy more and SAVE! Introducing fast arthritis...
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Genuine Health fast joint care+ with Fermented Turmeric

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Fast, effective relief from joint pain and inflammation – naturally. Made with the patented and proven ingredient Biovaflex®, plus fermented organic turmeric for amplified anti-inflammatory action, to get to the root of your pain. Introducing NEW fast jointcare+ with fermented turmeric: The synergistic combination of Biovaflex®, natural eggshell membrane, and fermented organic turmeric naturally...
Genuine Health Fast Joint Recovery

from $26.89

Loving your workouts lately, but hate the joint pain that comes with them? Joint recovery is here to help you manage, reduce and prevent exercise-related joint pain and stiffness with lasting results. Our formula contains only 1 ingredient - 500mg of NEM® (upcycled and all-natural eggshell membrane). This well-studied ingredient...
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Genuine Health Fermented BCAA+Creatine (lemon-lime 440g)


The most complete performance product on the market that works to fuel your anaerobic system, meaning each rep is as strong as the first. Increases lean muscle mass Improves strength & power Assists in cell muscle repair Prevent muscle catabolism BCAA+creatine is the most complete Performance formula on the market...
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Genuine Health Fermented Organic Gut Superfoods+ Kids (Grape, 88g)


Boost your child’s nutritional intake with fermented organic gut superfoods+ kids! A healthy diet is associated with good academic performance, mental health and stress resiliency in children and youth. Plus, research shows that dietary choices early in life predict later-life health. But here’s a scary fact: Only 10% of kids...
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Genuine Health Fermented Organic Vegan Proteins+ (600g)

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20g of fermented protein from a mix of 7 plant-based, organic sources! Good for your gut, easier to digest and absorb – with no bloat. USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. Get more from your protein. Only fermented organic vegan proteins+ gives you a more digestible protein with a balanced amino acid...
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Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Proteins+ Bars (12 bars/box)


Genuine Health NEW fermented vegan proteins+ bars have been specially formulated to be easily digested and maximize protein absorption. fermented Vegan proteins+ bar (12 x 55g Bars per Box) • High in protein – contains 13g of fermented dietary protein per serving!• Captures the advanced science of fermentation to eliminate digestive...
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Genuine Health Greens+ Daily Detox Green Apple 406g


greens+ daily detox contains a full serving of greens+, PLUS all-natural cleansing ingredients that help to support and cleanse the liver, skin, kidneys and GI tract, giving you noticeable health benefits, including improved skin, mood and mental clarity– naturally. Every day we are exposed to toxins that over time can...
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Genuine Health Greens+ Multi+


Just one scoop of greens+ multi+ provides a full serving of greens+ that’s rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, PLUS the convenience of a superior quality, high potency and food-based multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. Benefits of taking greens+ multi+ include:• Healthier immunity• Antioxidant protection against free radical damage• Healthy, efficient metabolism• Cardiovascular support•...
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Genuine Health Marine Clean Collagen

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10 grams of pure hydrolyzed marine collagen from wild caught fish from the North Atlantic! We are all made from collagen. It’s the most abundant protein in our bodies. But beginning in our 20s, our bodies naturally produce less of it. Collagen loss is usually seen on the skin, where...
Genuine Health Perfect Skin - Blemish (120 softgels)


Get clear, acne-free and blemish-free skin from the inside out – naturally. Based on leading skin care research and developed in-conjunction with a leading naturopathic doctor and dermatologist, perfect skin contains natural proven ingredients including o3mega-EPA concentrate, green tea extract, Zinc and Chromium, to target the main causes of acne...
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Genuine Health Whey Protein Isolate (840g)


Whey protein in particular can be hard to digest, especially for those with lactose intolerance or sensitivities. To help you get the most out of your protein, we’ve designed a formula featuring digestive enzymes, so your body has an easier time breaking down, Whey protein in particular can be hard...

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