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Nature's Aid All Natural Skin Gel

$69.99 from $3.89

Never greasy, fast absorbing formula …One product, so many uses. An all-purpose natural gel created for the effective treatment of most skin conditions. Use for: Skin Care, First-Aid (known as the "natural Polysporin"), Beauty, Men's Skin Care, Baby Care, Hair Care. Nature’s Aid skin gel is prepared using the highest...
Nature's Aid Natural Body Soaps 110g


TRUE NATURAL, HANDCRAFTED BAR SOAPS FOR ALL YOUR SKIN CARE NEEDS We handcraft Nature’s Aid All-Natural Bar Soaps with only the best natural ingredients for your skin. Our balanced blend of olive oil and coconut oil gives our soaps a rich, luxurious lather that moisturises while it cleanses. Additionally, for even...
Nature's Aid True Natural Body Wash (360ml)


NATURALLY ENRICHING BODY WASH FORMULATED TO HYDRATE AND NOURISH YOUR SKIN FROM HEAD TO TOE. For a fresh, clean feeling that doesn’t strip your skin of moisture, look no further than Nature’s Aid all natural body wash. Perfect for all skin types and effective at soothing minor skin irritations including...
Nature's Aid True Natural Conditioner (360ml)


Lightweight moisture for perfectly smooth, silky hair Hydrates and nourishes your scalp Helps to treat and prevent split ends No synthetic fragrances, artificial colours or dyes Free of Parabens, Sulfates and harsh chemicals TRUE NATURAL CONDITIONER: LIGHTWEIGHT HYDRATION AND HAIR STRENGTHENING FORMULA, IDEAL FOR ALL HAIR TYPES. Our Conditioner is...
Nature's Aid True Natural Moisturizing Skin Gel

from $13.95

Multi-purpose skin gel that moisturizes and heals your skin. A TRUE NATURAL MOISTURIZING SKIN GEL Our true natural moisturizing skin gel has the same healing and soothing benefits of our original skin gel. However, with a boost of hydration to moisturize your skin from head to toe. To achieve this goal,...
Nature's Aid True Natural Shampoo (360 ml)


TRULY ENRICHING SHAMPOO, FORMULATED TO CLARIFY AND HYDRATE ALL HAIR TYPES Our true natural shampoo is an invigorating blend of natural and organic ingredients will clarify and hydrate your hair, leaving it feeling healthy and clean, while simultaneously energising your scalp for the ultimate hair washing experience. Encourage hair growth, alleviate...
Nature's Aid True Natural Solid Conditioner Bar (60g)


A little goes a long way with these conditioner bars, with one bar lasting up to 150 washes. These salon quality formulas will work to strengthen, moisturize and condition your hair without weighing it down... and without the plastic packaging! THE PERFECT FOLLOW-UP TO OUR TRUE NATURAL SOLID SHAMPOO BARS...
Nature's Aid True Natural Solid Shampoo Bar (70g)


These true natural solid shampoo bars offer all the benefits of a liquid shampoo, without the plastic packaging.   Available in 4 hair-loving varieties, these salon quality shampoos offer an amazing natural lather and cleanse – no residue or waxy build-up! In addition to using natural and organic ingredients, all...

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