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Redmond Bentonite Clay Powder 283g


Redmond Clay is an old Home Remedy used for generations. Redmond Clay’s origins are as old as the practice of putting a mud poultice on a bee sting. Geologically, Redmond Clay is volcanic ash that was deposited in sea water approximately 150 million years ago. Redmond Clay is a bentonite...
Redmond Earthpaste with Silver, 113g


Amazingly natural toothpaste! -No Glycerin -No Flouride -No Artificial Colouring -No Foaming Agents -From the earth! After a long search for effective, natural toothpaste for our families, we made Earthpaste. We started with hydrated Redmond Bentonite Clay, then added xylitol, essential oils, and Real Salt. Recently, we made one more...
Redmond Realsalt Nature's First Sea Salt

from $15.79

Real Salt means – well, real, authentic salt. A quick glance at the ingredients label on most salts might surprise you! Many salts contain anti-caking agents and even dextrose (sugar). Others have been heat processed and stripped of their natural trace minerals. Real Salt brand, on the other hand, is...

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