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Canadian Pine Pollen Ponderosa Tincture (100 ml)

Canadian Pine Pollen
WILD-HARVESTED IN THE CANADA & CRAFTED FOR FULL POTENCY  1:6 Tincture: 333mg dry Ponderosa pine pollen/serving Serving size: Per  2 ML)                   Recommended use or purpose:  Used in Traditional...


1:6 Tincture: 333mg dry Ponderosa pine pollen/serving

Serving size: Per  2 ML)                  

Recommended use or purpose:  Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to replenish Qi (vital energy); Source of plant-based androgens (phytoandrogens)

Pine pollen is revered for its content of phytoandrogens. These plant hormones mimic naturally occurring ♂ androgens in the body making pine pollen tincture a natural herbal remedy for those looking to optimize energy and support the ageing process. 

  • Take 2mL, 1-3x per day. Hold under tongue for a minimum of 60 seconds. Holding 1mL of water under the tongue along with the pine pollen extract can help offset the burning sensation from the ethanol.
  • 50 servings

INGREDIENTS: 100% Canadian, wildcrafted, non-cracked cell wall Lodgepole pine pollen powder soaked in a unique dual extraction formula of ethanol and glycerin.

335mg raw pine pollen equivalent per 2 ml serving. (100 mL/3.4 fl. oz.)

Non-medicinal ingredients: Ethanol and glycerin. 

Phytoandrogens – How Can They Influence Male Sexual Health?

Phytoandrogens – How Can They Influence Male Sexual Health?

Sporty, body builders and health conscious men are always in search of testosterone boosting nutrients that can optimize their physical and sexual vigor. We all know that intake of proteins, carbohydrates and dietary fats can greatly boost the rate of androgen production. In addition, there are certain food groups that are enriched with micronutrients and cofactors (such as zinc and magnesium) that can support the endogenous testosterone synthesis.

Likewise, there are foods that are naturally rich in anti-testosterone compounds to negate the positive effects of testosterone. For example, foods like hemp, flax and soy are naturally rich in female hormone, estrogen thus also referred to as phytoestrogen. It is no brainer that excessive intake of phytoestrogen can negatively impact your male sexual health.


Phytoandrogens are foods or nutrients that acts as a natural precursor of male hormones like testosterone such as Eurycoma longifolia.  Some of the most useful phytoandrogens are listed below:

  • Pine Pollens:

The pollen of Pinus Sylverstis consist of 80ng per gram of testosterone, 590ng per gram of androstenedione Foods to Boost Sex Drive Imageand 110ng per gram of epitestosterone, making it the most potent source of phytoandrogens. The androgens in pine pollens are not precursors or structural analogues; but are the same hormones that naturally occurs in the human body. An average man produces 500ng of testosterone per deciliter of blood. Thus, the amount of testosterone found in pollens is pretty high for a food resource. However, the important thing is how much androgen can be absorbed? There are numerous ways of administrating pollens among which pine pollen tinctures are believed as the more efficient form compared to powders because they are directly absorbed into the blood stream via oral mucus membranes when swirled in the mouth cavity.

  • Celery:

Androstenone and androstanol are naturalandrogenic pheromones found in the celery. Upon sniffing celery, these prohormones enter the androgen receptors located in the nasal cavity and trigger the olfactory bulbs which in turn stimulates the release of GnRH from hypothalamus and thus, testosterone production is increased naturally. Androgenic prohormones are thought to be quite efficient in increasing the synthesis of testosterone. Celery is enriched with nitrates that can enhance the sexual health thus making it one of the potent aphrodisiac food. It is claimed that men from adult movie industry munch celery stalks to increase their sexual vigor.

  • Truffles:

Another food that stimulates testosterone synthesis via olfactory bulbs are truffle extracts. According to a new study, investigators tested 10 men were given small amount of truffle extract for 2 weeks.  It was observed that truffle administration triggered the testosterone production.

However, before opting for phytoandrogens one should keep in mind that despite being a potent source of natural steroids, these anabolic foods are not equivalent to injectable steroids! These compounds are generally safe but make sure you speak to your healthcare professional (especially if you have a health-related condition). So make sure to have realistic expectation before starting the use.

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