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Orange Naturals Milk Thistle Tincture 100ml

Orange Naturals
Think of milk thistle as a tune-up for your liver. Your liver is one of the hardest working and most important organs in your body. It filters and clears everything...

Think of milk thistle as a tune-up for your liver. Your liver is one of the hardest working and most important organs in your body. It filters and clears everything your body is exposed to – food, drugs, alcohol, pollution – you name it! Milk thistle protects the liver and helps it with all its housekeeping. It is also a great herb for helping digestion because it stimulates the flow of bile. You’ve got to appreciate your liver. You’ve got to appreciate milk thistle!

Extensive Research on Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle’s active medicinal ingredient, an antioxidant known as silymarin, resides in the shell of the milk thistle seed and is responsible for milk thistle’s protective and regenerative effects on the liver.  Clinical results are impressive and have shown that milk thistle can help the liver to regenerate at four times its normal rate!  Because it is rich in antioxidants, milk thistle may also prevent toxins from causing oxidative damage to the liver, thought to be one of the main causes of chronic liver disease.

Milk Thistle’s Effect on the Liver

How does milk thistle have such miraculous effects on such a key organ?  It is thought that milk thistle works by protecting specialized immune cells in the liver that scoop up and destroy bacteria, toxins and other foreign matter.  By protecting these cells, milk thistle helps keep the liver healthy and up to the task of clearing toxins from our bodies.

Other Health Benefits of Milk Thistle – digestion, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, hormone balance

Such promising health benefits for the liver have led researchers to study milk thistle for other positive activities in the body.  They have found it to be helpful for regulating the digestion of fats, stabilizing blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reducing inflammation in the digestive tract and promoting the excretion of excess hormones.  Using milk thistle may just help you to feel better all over!  But, please be patient with milk thistle as it must be used for a minimum of three weeks before you will experience its beneficial effects.  

So, start your tune-up now.  Support your liver with the marvelous regenerating power of milk thistle.  Milk thistle loves your liver!

Orange Naturals Tincture Advantages

All Orange Naturals tinctures are made from organic or wild-crafted herbs.  During tincture-making, our master herbalists ensure that the magic of every herb is unleashed.  The result is a medicinal version of liquid gold.  Each tincture is bursting with the healing power of nature.  Rapid absorption of a tincture taken orally allows the body to quickly begin working to restore health on every level. The body can absorb up to 98% of the medicinal components of the Orange Naturals herbal tincture since absorption takes place immediately in the mouth. In contrast, herbs taken in capsule or tablet form much first be broken down by the digestive system and thus absorption can be significantly lower.

Ingredients: Each ml contains 1,000 mg of organically grown milk thistle seeds (Silybum marianum). It is a 1:1 seed extract in a non-medicinal base of 40% gluten-free grain alcohol and purified water.

Recommended Use: Milk thistle is used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve digestive upset and support liver function.

Directions: You need to take milk thistle for a minimum of 3 weeks to see beneficial effects. For best results, take milk thistle on an empty stomach, which means about 15 minutes before a meal or snack, or at least 1 hour after. 

Adults 18 and over: take 1 ml, 3 times per day.

For best absorption, squirt the tincture under your tongue and hold it there for a few seconds, then swallow. If you want to remove the alcohol, add the dosage to a half cup of boiled water. The alcohol will evaporate off. Let it cool, and add honey or a splash of juice to make a yummy, liver-loving drink!

Caution: Please talk to your healthcare practitioner before using milk thistle if you are pregnant. Allergic reaction to milk thistle has been known to occur - if this happens, please discontinue use. And always talk to your healthcare practitioner if your symptoms hang on or get worse!


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